Tomoroh Hidari- Also Spoke Zerothruster 12″ EP

Tomoroh Hidari

Tomoroh Hidari
Also Spoke Zerothruster
January 23rd 2009
Record Label Records

Oliver Strummer, as he is known to his mother, put out a 12” with one of our favorite electronic labels Record Label Records. His 4 track beat graffiti called Also Spoke Zerothruster is a versatile soundscape. Its function and form has the twitchy clicks of acidic electronica, but these rhythmic sequences are enveloped in the ambient spaces of white noise and clipped vocals. Nothing is perhaps the most tempo-regular track of the record. While it might be too cavernous to be played by itself in a club setting, like other tracks on the record, these beats will be attractive to disc jockeys looking for perfect production of abstract sequencing. It will add a unique mélange to any standard set, disobeying the cookie cutter formulations of so much of electronic music.

Also Spoke Zerothruster continues with Extinction Event, a broad combination fast paced bass beats, even faster tweeter piercing accents, and pitch oscillating noises. The track fluctuates between steady, danceable rhythms and individualistic synth melodies. At times Extinction Event reminds me of Peter and the Wolf as conceived of in the world of Tron. The final track, Who Shot the Jazz Drummer, is Tomoroh Hidari at his most ethereal. This dream-state recollection of some jazz moment is almost completely devoid of rhythm. There is virtually no drum, save the occasional bass jimbay and iron pot and spoon dull chime. As short as it is, Also Spoke Zerothruster is a multifaceted, multifocal collection.



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