Peasant- On the Ground

Peasant- On the Ground

On the Ground
February 26th 2008
Paper Garden Records

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On the Ground is a record to listen to and absorb as we exit the gray days of winter. It records Peasant’s negotiation of gloomy emotions and difficult situations. Many have compared him to Elliot Smith, and he has to some extent ratified that comparison, but rather than misery, his less self-deprecating style tastes of bitter-sweetness. Songs like The Wind and Exposure tap into the lingering darkness of unspoken fears and doubts that distract our daily lives. As we contemplate these moody thoughts, our experiences and unclear abstractions are reified by Peasant’s words.

I have said previously that Damien DeRose’s voice is flawless, but his ability to bottle that beauty is remarkable. Usually such criticism is approached from the opposite angle. People rarely question what can be recorded after seeing such satisfying live performances. I have written at some length about Peasant’s talent and couldn’t be happier with this release. On the Ground offers 13 tracks without sounding repetitive or exhausting my patience and tolerance for sensitivity, which is rare these days. Peasant accomplishes this in part by keeping his songs under 3 minutes, making sure that the bitter moments do not overstay their welcome.

Peasant is a hard working independent artist whose organic music stands apart from the ridiculous number of singer songwriters standing in line for their songs to make it in the annals of recorded greatness, and depending on how hard Peasant pushes himself and his music, I am entirely convinced that he will make it. If not, no one can say that On the Ground wasn’t great. Peasant’s music is as sweet as a mulberry and as perfect as a rainy day. Where he goes from here, I cannot wait to see.


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Upcoming Show Dates
Feb 28th @ Piano’s in New York, New York- 8PM
Feb 29th @ John n’ Peter’s in New Hope, Pennsylvania- 9PM
On the Ground Release Party
Mar 1st @ The Classic Cigar Parlor in Doylestown, Pennsylvania- 8PM
Mar 7th @ Sarah Lawrence College in Bronxville, New York- 8PM
Mar 8th @ Emancipation Rocklamation in Moorestown, New Jersey- 10PM
Mar 10th @ Union Hall in Brooklyn, New York- 7:30PM
Mar 15th @ Lucky Lounge in Austin Texas- 12AM
May 27th @ Café Glockspee in Hanover- 8PM
May 28th @ Intersoup in Berlin Germany- 8PM

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